Pikes Peak of Richmond

Week 13 of my Project 52.

Here is what I call the Pikes Peak of Richmond at Libby Hill Park.  Imagine rally horse and buggy drifting around that bend. 

Libby Hill HDR

A little bit of HDR playing.  I went to Libby Hill with Sooz a few days ago.  I saw this in my head, but the dynamic range was way beyond what my camera could handle, so the next logical thing to do was an HDR…or graduated ND filter, BUT I don’t have one of those.  Anyways, I haven’t done a HDR in a long time, and I think this one turned out pretty well.  A more realistic HDR feel.

Week 10/52 of my Project 52.

So my boss took me flying with his dad on Sunday on a little propeller plane.  Other than the slight bouts of motion sickness, it was such a great experience.  It made everything seem so small even though we were just 2000ft in the air.  We couldn’t get too close to the city of Richmond because of all the hassle that we would have had to gone through, but this is a pretty good view I think.  Being able to fit a lot of the downtown area into one frame made the bouts of motion sickness well worth it.

The day was slightly hazy so I had to kick up the contrast to compensate which made everything really dark as well.  I then figured since everything looked so tiny, why not make it a faux tilt shift? With the high contrast and weird color casts I had to compensate for, the faux tilt shift look came out really well.

Week 7/52 of my Project 52.

The Lee Monument on Monument Ave. in Richmond, Virginia around sunset/blue hour.


Man Sreet Station

Today was Labor Day and nearly everyone had the day off from work/school/are just free because they have no job (points at self).  I again went with Dom (Facebook) to the Bottom of downtown Richmond.  I don’t get why I run into the weirdest people on my photo walks.  More after the jump.

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Manchester Bridge BW

Walking around the James River Pipeline area is very interesting.  The people you run into and the things you see are just so random at times.  I haven’t been to this place in more than a year.  Maybe a year and a half.  I was on a 9 hour photo walk with some buddies last time.  More after the jump.

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